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Charming placemats

Charm square packs. I might have more than a couple laying around here. Sometimes I buy them with a project in mind, or I find them discounted because the fabric line is running out by the time I discover it (Moda Uptown). I’ve gotten them in swaps, or just because I want them.  Read more

Square-in-a-Square Quilt Block Tutorial

April is my month for the Bee There or Bee Square Bee. I’ve been waiting for just the right project to use my little stash of Jenean Morrison’s California Dreamin. I only had a couple little charm packs (literaly – only 15 squares in each) and some yardage. I pulled several bright Kona cottons to coordinate.

I love the Square-in-a-Square block for its simplicity, but it’s also terrific for learning to handle bias edges, and practicing great points. It’s also one of my favorites for using novelty or feature fabrics in the centers.  

The instructions below will make a 9″ finished (9.5″ unfinished) block. Start with the following:

Cut the 4″ solid squares in half diagonally.

Using a scant 1/4″ seam allowance, sew two triangles to opposite sides of the 5″ charm square. Remember that the diagonal side of the triangle is a bias edge. Sew with the triangle on the bottom (close to the feed dogs) to reduce stretching. You should have a little “ear” of fabric extending from both ends.


Press the triangles away from the center, and then repeat for the other two sides.

Press the triangles away from the center, and trim the “ears” from each side.

Cut the print 5 3/8″ squares diagonally.

Again sewing with the triangles close to the feed dogs, and the “ears” extending past the ends of the solid square, sew to opposite sides of the block. Carefully sew through (or just outside) the intersection of stitching lines. This will make perfect points for the center square.

Press the first two triangles away from the center, and then repeat for the last two sides.

Press the last two triangles away from the center, and admire your finished block!

Here’s a simple, random layout. 30 blocks plus 2″ and 4″ borders for a 58″x67″ quilt. Quick and easy, or with a bit more planning secondary stars and other designs will appear. Give it a try!

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