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Psst….I’m still here


And back to the day job after a lovely holiday break. Two whole weeks that flew by, as they always do, and just like that it’s a shiny new year full of possibilities.


Unfortunately, they are currently buried under the rubble of last year’s possibilities and I’m only now starting the recovery effort. But that’s a story for a different day.


What’s important is this:

I’m sewing again. Baby steps, but sewing. Little projects, not-so-little projects and things between.

  • Bolster pillows for the daybed (using SewKatieDid’s invisible zipper tutorial, of course). 24311492926_c818632d2f_o
  • A stocking (finished in time for our grandson’s first Christmas – no, really!)
  • Pennant garlands for both grandbabies’ rooms 24229454282_cbaf486199_o
  • Slipcovers for the miss-matched cube ottomans23710846443_03d774c91b_o
  • Even a few crazy-pieced blocks

And because a major archeological dig of my studio isn’t enough of a challenge, I added more:

What madness have you committed to this year?






April Wrap-up

April turned out to be a very productive month. It wasn’t an accident, but it’s especially rewarding as I get back up to speed. Besides finishing Death by Hexie, I spent some quality time with a couple other quilts.

I had the pleasure of quilting this Seattle MQG project assembled by the Giving Committee. I love working on the guild projects ~ these quilters are SO damn good. It doesn’t hurt that it came to me ready to quilt – top and back all pieced and pressed (thank you, Dionne!), AND I get to pass it on to someone else to bind. Instant gratification (I used one of my pattern board sets from R&S Designs), for a wonderful cause.

Ashlee’s amazing HST quilt is up next. I finished the rework to narrow it, added the bottom panel and drafted the quilting plan.

It was loaded by the end of the month, although I didn’t really start the quilting until this weekend.

May promises to bring even more quilting goodness than April. A LOT more, in fact, with a class, a retreat, 2 guild challenges and a long list of WIP (my personal challenge) on the schedule.

I do love making.

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