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Make Merry @ Sleepy Owl Studio

Sometimes making all those lists (and checking them twice) keeps me from enjoying the special things about the holiday season. So this year, I thought I’d give myself a little challenge:

Find, do or make something every day in December. Something festive, simple and inexpensive.
Those are the rules. That’s it.

I’ll add links to the daily posts here:

12/21/11: I made it most of 3 weeks! Not bad at all ~


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  1. Patty #

    I am looking for the pattern Susie reading mits and raverly doesn’t have it any more do you know were I can find a copy.


    December 14, 2011
    • Well, that’s disappointing. I have a hard copy ~ give me a day and I’ll scan and e-mail it to you. I wouldn’t if it was a paid pattern, but it seems the copyrights to it are now in some abyss.

      December 14, 2011

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