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Sometimes you (I) just have to face the truth

Sixty three. SIXTY THREE.

That would be the number of started projects I had. Not planned projects like pattern & fabric pairings, kits, or even orphan quilt blocks without a plan. Just the WIP, the stuff that already made it through one serious round of purging last fall.2017-01-17-08-46-24

I know what the number is because a couple weeks ago I pulled together every (neatly sorted) bin or bag of quilting, sewing and knitting and quickly photographed each and every project. I had a simple plan: print and tape the photos on the wall next to my design wall. And then FOCUS.


But I had to count the photos three times.

Once the shock passed I realized a few truths:

  • Even allowing for the realities of being multi-craftual, it’s overwhelming.
  • Even allowing that some are simple mending or finishing, it’s still overwhelming.
  • To believe that being organized (each craft in it’s own tidy storage bin) was getting it under control is classic magical thinking. Cue the unicorns and rainbows all you want, it still wasn’t done.

So after yet another round of getting real (sort of) and letting go (a bit), I got it down to 49. I could have given up a couple more, but I like the symmetry on the wall. Then again, I always eat my M&Ms in color-matched pairs so there may be some underlying issues.


There it is. My wall of shame and washi tape. And you know what? I also discovered one more truth:

While I never set out to bury myself in half-done projects, there’s a ton of work already done. Good, creative, skilled work that I deserve to give myself credit for. And perhaps that reminder is the most important of all.

I got this.

PS: If you’re even remotely surprised to see a post here, you’re not alone. I’m giving blogging another go and intentionally skipping the sincere but pointless excuses. It’s damned boring.




Psst….I’m still here


And back to the day job after a lovely holiday break. Two whole weeks that flew by, as they always do, and just like that it’s a shiny new year full of possibilities.


Unfortunately, they are currently buried under the rubble of last year’s possibilities and I’m only now starting the recovery effort. But that’s a story for a different day.


What’s important is this:

I’m sewing again. Baby steps, but sewing. Little projects, not-so-little projects and things between.

  • Bolster pillows for the daybed (using SewKatieDid’s invisible zipper tutorial, of course). 24311492926_c818632d2f_o
  • A stocking (finished in time for our grandson’s first Christmas – no, really!)
  • Pennant garlands for both grandbabies’ rooms 24229454282_cbaf486199_o
  • Slipcovers for the miss-matched cube ottomans23710846443_03d774c91b_o
  • Even a few crazy-pieced blocks

And because a major archeological dig of my studio isn’t enough of a challenge, I added more:

What madness have you committed to this year?






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