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The one where she gets her act together

First try at a room layout

The past few weeks, with a couple notable exceptions, have been about most anything but sewing. I thought I was getting cranky because of the chaos and excitement over the new machine and switching all the rooms around, but I decided last week it’s just plain old creative angst. If I’m not making something, I’m making trouble. So now that I’m (mostly) settled into my new space, it’s time to get back to what I love.

Stitch, woman, stitch!!

I got to run away a couple weekends ago and get some sewing in with friends. Not just a little, either: SIXTY-FOUR napkins. Which means all 96 are done and ready for my girl’s wedding in October. I couldn’t have finished without the help of my dear friend Judy, who turned every napkin after I stitched them. She was so accommodating to break her ankle the week before and not be able to do her own sewing. 😦 Thank goodness she’s on the mend now.

Next up was quilt backs, because despite all the time I thought I would have to get them finished before delivery day, there I was two weeks later and I’d only petted the Gammill. So on Memorial Day, Krista and Katie came to play.

It was a bit of a squeeze, and it certainly generated some ideas about other possible room layouts, but mostly it was just so cool to have room for all of us to sew together.

Once I finished the back for the picnic quilt, Krista walked me through loading a quilt on the Gammill.

You know how sometimes it’s easier to learn something for the first time than it is to unlearn old habits first? It won’t take long to get used to the Gammill (because really, how long IS the adjustment period when you go from an old car to a new one?), but I do feel a little clumsy with the process.

Until I turn the machine on, of course. Oh. my. word. I’m seriously crushing on her.

No more cranky allowed.


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  1. You weren’t cranky to me:)

    June 4, 2014
  2. I can always help you load the Gammill too. Schools out pretty soon, and I have time to sew more!!

    June 4, 2014

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