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Studio Changes

I’ve loved my sewing room. It’s cheerful and cozy, and while it was snug, there was generally place for everything. When there wasn’t (like after a Sewing Expo or Island Quilter splurge), it just meant “sew faster”

The one thing missing from the room was space for the longarm. It lived in another part of our home, which not only meant two precious rooms taken up with my hobbies, but also lots of walking between to get anything done. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I couldn’t use the exercise, but I’d also like to feel more productive and less scattered. Plus the longarm space limited the size of frame I could fit.

So selling my HQ16 and buying a bigger machine has forced the decision to swap some rooms around and combine my sewing room and longarm space into one. It puts the living & dining rooms back where they were originally, and frees up the family room space for my studio. It also gives our little ranch house a guest room, which we had the first two years after we moved in almost 30 years ago, but not since.

Since I can’t close the door on the new studio, there’s a lot of organizing and more than a little purging to do. I have a spot for my design wall, and I’m still working out how big a cutting table will fit. Might have to wait until the longarm is in place to decide – I know from experience not everything works out in real life as well as it does on paper.

So we have furniture to sell, and a few things to buy.  But a happy rug for the living room (which is still a work in progress), freshens up what we do have considerably. A great excuse to make new pillows, too!

And the new longarm? It’ll be here next Monday. So really not much pressure to get everything else done. Right?

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  1. arajaneo #

    oh, how exciting, sandie! can’t wait to see the new space.

    May 5, 2014
  2. The rug is beautiful and I look forward to more photos of your new space.

    May 5, 2014
  3. oh this looks very fun, creating a new space. Hope it all works out just right for you to use and enjoy!

    May 8, 2014

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