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Friday Favorites 1-17-14

I’m not sure how I missed posting my favorites last week. I’m guessing I got lost somewhere during the first full week back to work after the holidays. It’s all fuzzy.

So this week? A little extra indulgence was required. And as much as I enjoyed seeing all the holiday crafting the past couple months, I love watching the world return to normal. Because normal is amazing and creative and endlessly inspiring. Enjoy!

1. Arkansas Crossroad quilting, 2.  Simply solids Puce Group, 3. what I’ve been up to lately…, 4.  #DSQuilts #denyseschmidt scrap quilt  5. The finished quilt. 6. Little message, 7. Untitled, 8. Big Patchwork Coasters, 9. Sunshiney Day, 10. pretty little tote, 11. Fabric Bowls12. Trellis quilt blocks, 13. New knitting bag!, 14. Placemats, 15. Jane Austen Book Bee January block

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