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Zelda – 89, Sofa – 0

This is our sofa most of the time.

Zelda is in an ongoing grudge match with the pillows. I have no idea what they did to her, but she’s not content unless they’ve all been knocked on the floor. And just to make it more interesting, between the accent pillows and back cushions, there’s 8 of them to kick butt on.  The sofa doesn’t stand a chance.

It was so cute at first. Sigh.

In a moment of holiday cheer (apparently with a sprinkle of magical thinking), I decided to add some holiday pillows to the mix.

I’ve been holding on to a few Alexander Henry fat quarters that Katie gifted me, just waiting for the right project. I’m crazy for the vintage wrapping paper look of these prints.

Nothing fancy, because (a) I didn’t want to cut up these adorable fabrics and (b) they were just going to end up on the floor anyway.

When a new set of pattern boards showed up (thank you again, Katie!),  I couldn’t resist trying it out on the pillows.

The quilting was quick and easy, but I came up short when it was time to pull zippers from my stash. Zipit to the rescue.

I’d hoped to have them done before the holiday party, but it was worth the wait. Even paying for priority shipping, it was just over $26 for 25 assorted 22″ zippers. Which dampened the pain a bit when I destroyed one of them. (Note to self: don’t zip the pull right off the teeth when testing ~ it’s pretty much impossible to fix on an invisible zipper)

Finished early this morning, these snowmen have a home in Jon’s office:

And I’m willing to bet the others are already on the floor.  Thank you, Zelda.

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  1. Zelda seems to be thinking…”What’s your problem?” At least she’s not chewing them up. :0)

    December 14, 2013
  2. they turned out so cute!

    December 15, 2013
  3. The Christmas pillows are great, and I love Zelda just looking so cute and innocent on the sofa!

    December 15, 2013

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