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And there was much rejoicing!

It must seem like I’ve fallen completely off the grid lately, but that’s far from the case. In fact, the holiday’s are in full swing.

In preparation for our holiday party last weekend,  I squeezed in a couple quilts before taking down the HQ16 for the month of December. (Literally squeezed, as I was finishing the 2nd one the morning of the party.)

The first is this Twisted Wreath quilt:

It’s about 40″ square – perfect for a wallhanging at Ashlee & Camden’s.  I pieced it a couple years ago from a charm pack & yardage of Kate Spain Flurry. It’s really fun, and I’m fairly certain I have another larger one in my future. It turns out MY only Christmas quilt is on the wall, too, leaving us nothing to snuggle under (besides the umpteen other quilts in the house).

I was brave and freehanded all the quilting. Sober, even. Cue the rejoicing.

The second is my Quiltmaker’s Gift quilt. My dear friend Sheron and I made these same quilts (hers was in amazing batiks) several years ago (I’m guessing 8). Hers was quickly finished and donated to an auction, but mine has languished in the bottom of the stack for all this time. So when the opportunity came along to donate to a cause very personal to me, I knew it finally had a home.

Since my binding stack has grown to 3, this might take a week or two to be completely finished, but that’s okay.

Speaking of “three”, the top three in this stack went to their new homes on Saturday.

An untimely dead battery on my phone prevented me from getting pictures at the time, but I did receive this one later Saturday evening, and it’s the best!

So what’s up next (besides bindings)?

I’m headed to Krista’s this afternoon to quilt my Binary Challenge quilt. It’s due on Saturday, so I have PLENTY of time, right!

These pillow covers just need finally assembly. Happily, an assorted pack of zippers arrived yesterday from Zipit so I’m ready to go.

And there might be a few more projects hiding in the wings. After all, I have 3 weeks of the Christmas season (not to mention all that hot buttered rum batter) to enjoy!

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  1. Krista lolabluemar #

    Nice job on so many finishes! Can’t wait to see you today! xo

    December 5, 2013
  2. I adore your Twisted Wreath quilt! So beautiful.

    December 6, 2013

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