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Friday Favorites 11-14-13

Friday Favorites 11-14-13 by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio)
Friday Favorites 11-14-13, a photo by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio) on Flickr.

Wow! And just like that, a couple weeks have flown by. Luckily, not without regular trips to Flickr to check out what mischief is afoot. Anybody else catching the bits of gift-stitching in the air?

1. Patchwork à la chaîne, 2. Patchwork hangers, 3. Dupioni Silk Quilted Fabric Beads, 4. Pen Bandolier, 5., 6. Blue dumpling for MSBS Round 5, 7. received ornament, 8. Trim the Tree Swap (nearly) Ready to Send, 9.

Another busy, creative weekend ahead ~ what will you make?

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  1. I always love your friday favorites.

    November 15, 2013

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