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Friday Favorites 9-13-13

Friday Favorites 9-13-13 by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio)
Friday Favorites 9-13-13, a photo by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio) on Flickr.

Oh, so lovely! Another week when it was hard to choose only 9.

1. Modern Scrappy Bits Swap, 2. pouch progress, 3. scrappy postage stamp quilt top, 4. 3" frame purses, 5. So many beautiful stars… Love this quilt even more with every block completed! @allieheath @robertkaufman #kona #sunrise #sunset #essex #linen #pattern #freckledwhimsy #paradox #quilting, 6. Spinning_Stars_Blocks, 7. Progress #marcellemedallion #mmqal, 8. Knitting that handspun. Feels luxurious., 9. high-volume 3/4 log cabin

What will you be inspired to make?

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