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September ~ Again with the WIP

If it seems like I’ve been absent from sewing this summer, it’s far from the truth. I’ve taken 4 classes, cut thousands of 6-inch squares, re-organized my scraps twice, made a couple dozen cloth napkins, quilted several quilts for myself and friends, hand stitched about 20 yards of binding and started 3 (or is it 4?) more quilts. I even finished a few things. Okay. A couple things. But they were BIG things.

So in the interest of my sanity, not to mention all the time I waste managing to-do lists, I’m doing what I always try to do this time of year. Focus on finishing stuff. The more the better. The sooner the better.

We had our last mini-vacation of the summer (it’s still summer for another 2 weeks, people!!) this past weekend. Our annual trip out to Long Beach, Washington for the “Run to the End of The World”.  Imagine hundreds of ridiculously cool street rods and LOTS of sitting in the shade enjoying the sights and sounds.

I took a bit of hand sewing (hexies, of course) but my goal was to finish the Juneberry Triangle (Jared Flood) I started last winter. Actually, my goal was to use up the last of the yarn, knowing full well I was going to come up short and have to buy more.

I’m happy to say I was wrong about the yarn, and by Saturday evening it was finished except for weaving in a few ends and blocking. I think this beauty is going to get a LOT of wear this fall and winter.

Up next is piecing the remainder of Psychedelic Baby. If you ever get a chance to take this class from Katie Pedersen (or ANY of Katie’s classes), don’t pass it up. Seriously. This technique will enchant and confound you.

I picked up another yard of Art Gallery Oval Elements in Eggplant (say that 3 times fast!) a few weeks ago.

I used the tiny bit I had when I first started, and really felt like it deserved an encore. Tuesday I finished filling in the previous round, and now I’m auditioning fabrics for the next.

I’m also squeaking by with the very last of my Essex Linen in Leather. That’s one I’ll restash, It’s so warm, and the color plays so well with purple.

And after this quilt? Never fear ~ I still have close to 12 (ugh!) in various stages. It’s going to be a VERY busy fall.

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  1. You have been so busy! I came for the psychedelic baby quilt but stayed to drool over your amazing triangle – wow!

    September 12, 2013
  2. Tamie #

    Oh my you have been busy. I wished I lived close enough to take a class with Katie. Maybe one day. I don’t knit but am amazed by your Juneberry Triangle. It is stunning…

    September 12, 2013

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