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Scrappy Irish Chain

So happy to have this quilt finished, although if I didn’t already have my Scrappy Trip Around the World I’d have a hard time giving it up.

After the Scrappy Trip, I cut up all the leftover strips into 2.5″ squares and added them to the bin. I wasn’t done with scrap quilts. (And I’m still not. You’d think 1500 squares would have made a dent in the bin, but apparently that’s not so.)

This time around, it’s a scrappy Irish chain with a luscious flannel backing from Robert Kaufman.

Note: The flannel was a leap of faith. The last time I bought Kaufman flannel (which everyone I know and trust swears by), it had some kind of frat party in the washing machine and came out looking disgusting. Three different (but similar) colors that puked all over each other. I never did get the pills, lint and debris off of it. And even if they hadn’t transferred the mess, they came out looking tortured. This was a much better outcome.

I started this one at the January retreat. I had ordered the red, but it didn’t come in time, so I was off to the quilt shop. No red (not many solids at all, actually), so I thought I’d give this teal a chance.

Epic. Failure. The teal completely disappeared. The alternate blocks had to wait for home. Even so, I’m amazed how quickly these blocks go together.

Quilting was an easy decision. I used the same design as the one from Jon’s quilt, although I went back to cotton batting.

I think I’ll regret the flannel backing as now I want to use it on everything. Such are the challenges I face.

Since I finished piecing this quilt, I’ve added hundreds of squares to the 2.5″ bin. I’ve sorted and diced my way through lots of scraps, cut up leftovers as I finished projects, and even bought a stack or two of them. I have several more quilts planned from that little bin. This year.

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  1. love it! The red just sings – amazing how the teal just disappeared into the background.

    May 6, 2013
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! It is so amazing….I think I might need to make one!!! It is just gorgeous.

    May 6, 2013

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