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Wrapping up a winter weekend (in the spring)

One of the nicest things about blogging is that whenever I wonder what the heck I’ve been doing with all my “free” time, I can look back and see. Of course, one of the worst things about my blog is probably posts like this one, where I’m just blabbing on about all the stuff I accomplished (or didn’t). Sorry about that.

It has been raining. Not spring rain, the drizzly hit-and-miss kind that we’re famous for. It’s been dumping buckets of November rain. Really awful, and made worse by the beautiful weather that proceeded it. Plus my guy was Portland all weekend.  I’m saying this for 2 reasons: one is to point out that I had absolutely nothing else to do besides sew and clean house this weekend. And the other is to excuse some really terrible pictures. Or no pictures at all.

Friday night kicked the weekend off right when I finished the quilting on this sweet thing:

The added bonus was finally getting the So Fine thread to work with my machine. I’ve spared you all the gory details, but let’s just say it’s been a challenge. And worth it, especially because there’s NO LINT. Lint is the nemesis of high-speed machines, and mine has been choking on it lately. So I’m thrilled.

I’m a little stuck on choosing a binding fabric right now, but I’ll figure it out.

I spent a good part of Saturday in make*do*mend at Drygoods Design (for the third time this week ~ I do love that place!) Katie, Krista and I just puttered on our own projects. Noelle joined us for lunch, a quick visit and a bit of shopping.

Noelle catching a pic of Katie’s latest quilt

I made a super-secret improv block, and trimmed HSTs for 5 more Ocean Waves blocks. I’m really excited about how this quilt is coming along, but trimming almost 600 squares is kind of a drag.

Krista and I got absolutely drenched in a rain squall when we arrived at the studio,  so by the time I got home Saturday night I was tired and hopelessly chilled. Tea and an early bedtime. Which means I was wide awake before 3am on Sunday.

A good time for handwork and a Game of Thrones marathon (I’m just starting with Season 1). It’s a good thing I read the books or I doubt I’d be able to keep up with all the characters. I so seldom watch TV without doing something else at the same time.

All the remaining squares for Ocean Waves are now cut. Which means a bit of sewing and a whole lot of trimming in my immediate future, but now I can see the end of it. I’m so glad I was able to work in the shot cottons. They really are special.

I’m planning a 2nd Ocean Waves, but it’ll be scrappy. I’m hoping to avoid the trimming on that one by using my 2.5″ squares and making one at a time (rather than the 2-at-a-time method of HSTs). It’s a plan, anyway.

I don’t often look forward to Sunday evenings, but mine was a win. I had a play date with Madie Jean so her mommy & daddy could go out to dinner with friends.  Sweet baby. There wasn’t much of this, but enough I could snap a photo. She’s getting to be a very wiggly baby.

If you need me, I’ll be off sewing binding. Lots and lots of binding!

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  1. Melinda Howard #

    Lots of great pictures!!!

    April 8, 2013

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