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Time flies!

Where have the last few weeks gone? It’s been pure mayhem at work, and about the same the other 15 hours a day. Lots of guild activities, a few days of sewing, days of longarm quilting, a lot of fabric/book shopping, some time with Madie (and her great-grandparents!) and today a realization: the Quiltcon experience is slowly fading away to just a happy memory I haven’t even mentioned.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure what could I say about QuiltCon. If you were there, you probably don’t need my take on it. If you weren’t (and I’m so sorry if you weren’t), it won’t help much either.

I took two workshops, attended several lectures, a panel discussion, and the keynote by Denyse Schmidt.

  • I came away from Angela Walter’s class determined to focus on freehand with my longarm, but even more determined to let go of the excuses and just play.
  • I loved the improv class with Sherri Lynn Wood. She’s a terrific teacher, but it was damned HARD for me. I needed the challenge, but it was humbling. SO humbling.

  • I think Yoshiko Jinzenji is a goddess (wrapped in a tiny package).
  • I found Denyse Schmidt’s keynote both charming and thought-provoking. Whether by accident or by design, quilts reflect their makers in the most interesting ways. (I’m big on accidents.)

I could have spent another week studying the quilts in the show ~ they were amazing.

It was affirming, inspiring, incredibly well organized, and generally surreal. Every person I met, no matter their status in the modern quilting world, was gracious and genuine.

And beyond that, Austin treated us very, very well. It’s best if I leave it at that.

I have so many projects going right now I started out March determined to blog about something every day. I even created a nice LONG list of topics. So here it is, past the middle of the month. Ahem. Since I find writing about my intentions even more boring than anyone would find reading them, I won’t bother. But fair warning ~ it’s gonna get busy here!

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