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Retreat Wrap-up

I spent this past weekend at retreat, stitching away with dear friends.

Planning and packing projects for retreats can be a challenge. Occasionally when I get there and settled, I look at what I brought and wonder what the heck I was thinking ~ NO WAY am I going to get through all this work, or I’ve forgotten some little thing that the entire project depends on, or somewhere about mile post 125 I lost interest in what I packed. It’s worth every one of those for weekends like this one ~ the timing was perfect for motivating finishes and exciting starts. All without staying up half the night.

First up on Friday was the final assembly on the Kaleidoscope quilt (the actual color is somewhere between the two photos ~ this persistent fog is making photos all but impossible). I’ll do a separate post after it’s quilted and share some lessons learned, but for now I’ll just say I’m pleased with how it’s coming along. All 96 x 108″ of it.

Next was Jon’s quilt, which I am flat-out thrilled with.

By Saturday afternoon, with two finished quilt tops already in the stack, I tackled cutting out my Amy Butler Weekender Bag. Five hours later, all the pieces were cut, the Peltex trimmed, 5+ yards of cording covered and one large pocket nearly finished.

By then my brain was getting a little mushy so I pulled out the box of 2.5″ squares for a new scrap quilt (because the one I finished two weeks ago is “old” already?). Most of them came from a guild swap a couple years ago, plus lots of trimmings from scrap quilt #1. In a relatively short time I had 12 block “A” blocks finished.

Since I was on a roll, and a might too impatient to wait until I got home to use the fabric I’d ordered online for the “B” blocks, I did a little shopping on a quick run to the LQS. I was also second-guessing my original choice. I should have known better.

My practice “B” block is pretty boring, actually. See the teal “X” in middle above? It’s okay if you don’t, but it does mean I’m going back to my first choice  (which arrived on Saturday while I was gone, of course). I have much higher hopes for this one.

I thought I’d save the best for last, even though it was the first thing I did when I got to retreat and unloaded my car.

I made my bed.

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  1. They are all so pretty, but that last one on your bed is so colorful! I love it! Sounds like you had a very fun and productive retreat weekend. ❤

    January 23, 2013

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