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Embracing a whole new year

Ten days in and I’m already feeling a little smug about 2013. Scrappy Trip Around the World is quilted:

And the binding is on. I chose Kona Coral ~ it’s one of my favorites and it really pops with all the orange and aqua in this baby (my weakness).

While I was at it, Urban Runner got binding, too. Poor thing has been sitting abandoned in a stack for months, but a nice shot of Alexander Henry Heath in Chartreuse (to match the back) is all it needed. Well, maybe a little more quilting, too.

Lots of hand sewing binding ahead, but tonight is make*do*mend Studio Time at Drygoods Design. And (gasp) I’m only taking ONE project. Granted, it’s a biggie, but still.

About a dozen 1/2 blocks left to piece, lots of pressing and trimming to do, and all 72 blocks will be finished and ready for assembly. It might be a little optimistic to get it completely finished in 3 hours, but stranger things have been known to happen. Especially in my world.

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