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What I learned in 2012

Well, in December anyway:

Bigger may be better, but wider might not be (if you over fill this bag the handles don’t come together ~ so don’t do it, Mom!)

A better design doesn’t make for perfect. This sucker took a full yard of quilting cotton. It’s not light. It can’t be efficiently made with directional fabrics. Oh! And the most kick-ass bag still isn’t going to make me want to grocery shop. Cute, but “meh”.

You cannot have enough canvas baskets, and having a good friend with an insane amount of painter’s canvas makes for some seriously organized fun. Let’s hear it for the jeans needles!!

Happy fabrics make for very happy projects:

Doubled fingering weight yarn makes the most scrumptious mitts (even if the cables don’t show that well).

Wide open zippered bags are the SO much nicer to use (and a little whimsy goes a long way).

Scrapbusting projects consume an amazing amount of fabric and create an amazing amount Of. More. Scraps.

Sleepy baby snuggles are the cure for what ills you. I admit I knew this one already, but it bears repeating:

Wonder what I’ll learn in January?

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  1. You managed loads! Well done. I’ve just been writing about another scrap busting technique!

    January 7, 2013
  2. katrina hertzer #

    i love how you used the painter’s canvas! i have some left over and now i know what to use it for!

    January 7, 2013

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