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Friday Favorites 12-21-12

Friday Favorites 12-21-12 by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio)
Friday Favorites 12-21-12, a photo by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio) on Flickr.

The very last one of the year ~ and what a year it has been!!

1. merry making, 2. Thank you for your advice, I went with the majority: the button on the left. Thanks to @oneshabbychickhawaii for one not too shabby (aka AWESOME!!!) iPad sleeve tutorial. Lesson learned: do not attempt independent creativity while under the influence of N, 3. Done! #homemadechristmas, 4. By the numbers…, 5. Patchwork Duffle Bag, 6. Christmas-y patchwork pillow, 7. Infinity cowl little folks voile @annamariahorner love the softness, 8. Blue Tempest #2, 9. Circle of Stars quilt

A huge “Thank You” to all the amazing quilters, knitters, stitchers, Blythe fans and all-around creative people who inspired me this year!

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