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Checking stuff off the list!

What a busy weekend! It looked wide-open at the beginning of the week, but it sure filled up fast.  Knitting, cleaning, quilting, cooking, sewing and time with friends and family.  Not bad if you can pull it off.  Which I did. Barely.

On Saturday, Meaghan came and played with my oh-so cranky machine.

I’m having a heck of a time with thread breakage lately, although usually only when one of my friends has come to use it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I invested in a couple (spendy) tools earlier this year and using them has thrown my previously well managed tension out the window, or because I’m trying to expand on the selection of threads I’ve always used.  Plus my HQ16 hates shot cottons (hates them), and I love them.   Frustrating.  I have one bed quilt and 2 baby quilts to do (I’ll use my go-to thread) and then it’s time  figure out what the problem is. It may have to go in for service (major ouch).

Back to Meaghan’s visit: It’s a beautiful quilt.  But then, I would sew any stack of fabrics she selected ~ her color sense is magical.  We decided a simple, organic design would be best so she went for the water meander. So pretty!

The other big project this weekend was finishing and hanging the curtains.  There was a LOT of this:

And a bit of this:

And now these:

Are here:

And now it’s off to update the to-do list ~ MJ needs a crib skirt to match her curtains.

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  1. Mary Lou #

    WOW you were busy. I ended up taking in my embroidery machine yet again. It was just in the week before, shredding thread worse then ever! So, I am waiting for that to return, I really need to get (dig out somewhere) a new sewing project. The only thing I have to quilt is the Tonga quilt that Linda and I did in a $5 club. We bought the designs to quilt it a couple weeks ago.

    September 25, 2012
    • How is it even possible that’s the only thing you have to quilt?

      September 25, 2012

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