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Playing through the fog ~

Well, here I am again. Fall allergy season is MUCH worse than usual, plus the air quality is ugly (by PNW standards, anyway).  My meds have decided not to work. Which leaves me in a murky fog of wheezy, sneezy, snot-nosed, exhausted misery. I’ve reverted to the sad swollen-faced 5-year-old that could only stand at my grandmother’s screen door and watch my cousins playing in the sunshine.  Pathetic.

Poor Ashlee recoiled from hug the other day because I had a lovely green baby-slug booger on my face after yet another sneezing fit.

Nice, huh? Humbling for sure.

Baby shower cupcakes with Ashlee’s adorable toppers

On a much happier (and less gross) note, I’m making progress on tab top curtains for the nursery. I’d hoped to have them done by last Sunday’s baby shower,  but this crud has really slowed me down.

Both front panels are done, and I’ve started adding the lining.  They’re sort of adorable.

Next up is a cushion for the rocking chair (out of the yellow zebra print “Lauralee”  from Jennifer Paganelli’s Super Fly) and a crib skirt.  I’m having way too much fun getting ready for our (first) grandchild. Sugar and spice, just over a month to go……

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  1. Mary Lou #

    Awesome, (not your crud) my favorite colors for the nursery!!
    To commiserate, I was sick to my stomach by the time I went to bed on Tues night, smell of the fires was somehow in my house. The fogg helped clear the air.

    September 20, 2012
    • I know, I’m feeling a little better with some moisture in the air. I feel like such a wimp, but it’s really been awful.

      September 20, 2012
  2. Just browsing around and loved the colors in the project you are making! Beautiful!

    September 20, 2012

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