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A quilting hiatus, or how I spent my summer

I didn’t plan on taking 6 weeks off from quilting this summer. It just sort of happened. The weather got warm (and my sewing room even warmer), and my knitting was more portable (although not always cooler to work on).

The weekends filled up with trips to the lake, trips with the coupe, batches of jam, and (best of all) an entire week that started with the hottest (literally) quilters imaginable:

A much-needed dose of family in the middle:

And finished with good friends at the lake helping us celebrate our anniversary (33 years!):

It’s not like I wasn’t thinking about quilting ~ especially the past couple weeks when there was oodles of inspiration spilling over from the PNW Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up (Flickr, Instagram and associated blogs were on fire), but not a sewing machine in sight. I suppose I could have hand-pieced something with the lovely bag of scraps I had with me.

But I was determined to finish 4 or 5 knitting projects, especially since I started WAY too many this summer after almost a year of keeping it to one or two at a time (how the heck does that happen?).

It’s so good to have a plan. I finished one shawl, and got most of the edging done on a 2nd. And then blew the plan out of the water by starting yet another baby sweater.

I have soon-to-be-a-granny issues.  And, apparently, trying-out-new-beer issues:

We’re home now from vacation, but it’ll be another month before things start to quiet down on the weekends.  I’m determined to squeeze in as much quilting as I can during the week, and I hope to share a few sneak peeks of my star quilt project very soon.

But first I have a nursery to sew for…..

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  1. wow, 33 years! congratulations! i am still so very jealous of your lake house. if i was there, all i’d do is drink beer and knit, too.

    and i’m loving that stack of gorgeous fabrics… some baby is going to be very very lucky!

    August 22, 2012
    • Thanks, Ara Jane. I can’t believe how fast it goes by!

      Thanks to Kelli and Krista H. there is likely to be a quilt retreat or two in the making. It’s just a cabin, but I think we can make it work. ❤

      August 23, 2012

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