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Observing the lazy days of summer

Does anybody else find this time of year tough for quilting? I sure am – this year more than most. And while knitting shawls might not seem like a logical alternative, that’s been the game lately.

And speaking of games (boo for the lame segue), I decided to join in the fun on Ravelry and compete in the Ravellenic Games.  In non-knitterly speak, it means I’m knitting while watching the Olympics and (hopefully) earning itty bitty web badges for it.

My event? Baby Dressage. No lie.  Anything wearable or for use by the ever popular (but never more than right now) infant and toddler set. With our first grandchild due in late October, it’s not like I wouldn’t have been doing exactly this anyway.

So this weekend, while we were doing this (our first official rod run weekend):

And this (poker run):

And this (a spa date for a little pin striping):

I was also doing this (Debbie Bliss Crossover Top):

And since I don’t get a medal unless I finish by the closing ceremonies, there will be quite a bit more knitting the next couple weeks.

Never fear, though! I have a growing pile of quilting mischief to share this week ~ it was a very good weekend for mail!

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  1. Nice car.

    July 30, 2012
    • Thank you ~ we’re enjoying her!

      July 30, 2012

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