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Wrapping up the weekend

ETA: Please excuse the duplicate postings if you’ve seen this already.  I’m having a little technical difficulty getting it to stay posted and am working with WP to figure out what’s up. Thanks!!

Why is it the busiest of weekends seem to be about what I didn’t get done? I guess my expectations could use a little work, too.

Curious Nature is quilted and ready for binding:

On the frame and cooking away:

Ready for Thursday and the next clue:

Pinwheel is ready for applique stitching (yes, another baby quilt):

A HUGE Thank You to Emily Cier for sharing her time and talents on Sunday.

This week? Finishing quilting Min’s quilt, two evenings with friends in the studio, the much promised hexi-tote (the hang-up is technical, not creative),  machine binding on 2 quilts and framing my Leaf Love blocks.

That’s it.

Remind me not to complain about the rain headed our way.

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  1. I like the choice of Curious Nature…almost creation-like with land & water.
    Don’t complain about the rain. We rejoiced watching it fall here, after almost 2 month very dry. Not a normal Spring without spring rains! 🙂
    I had more time to sew because the skies watered my flowers and saved me 2 hours!

    June 12, 2012

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