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It’s an official grand-baby quilt

When Emily (Carolina Patchworks) said she was looking for a few people to participate in a test of her class curriculum (aka “guinea pigs”), several hands went up. By the time we worked out the crazy schedules, we were down to just three.  I knew as soon as we picked the pattern that this would be the first “official” grand-baby quilt, not to mention a wonderful chance to:

  • Learn how to sew a Carolina Patchworks pattern from Emily herself.
  • Sew with the new Michael Miller Couture Cottons (amazing).
  • Spend time with some very talented and dear quilting friends.

So off we went on a little adventure.

Emily is a great teacher. She’s very knowledgeable and has great tips and hints for her method.  It’s not easy, but if you’re organized it’s not hard, either.  In about 5 hours, we cut half the fabric for the baby quilt, and had about 25% of the rows pieced. I went home tired, but feeling really successful and ready to tackle the rest on my own.

Of course, two days later I picked up the fabric for the Storybook Lane quilt and haven’t touched Discontinuity in nearly a month (irony).  Until last night.

I’m so happy to be working on this quilt again!

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