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A quick and curious nature

Saturday I started on Alex’s quilt. I’ve had the pattern and fabrics for a few weeks, but I knew this was going to be his quilt for months.  Alex is my nephew,  and a sweeter, smarter child you would be hard pressed to find (with the possible exception of his brother and a whole bunch of cousins, of course!)  Both the fabric and pattern are “Curious Nature” by Parson Gray, which I thought suited him perfectly.

This project might be one for the record books.  I started cutting a pieces at 11am, and was completely finished with the top by 5pm ~ and that included about 90 minutes doing other things somewhere in the middle.

The pattern is available for free on the FreeSpirit website. I followed the instructions as written (all the fabrics and layout) with the exception that I added an additional border to bring it up to bed sized.

The the more I look at the pattern, the more ideas I get. How about scrap piecing some or all of the rounds? Or maybe paper piecing into one large New York Beauty block?  Flip the sections so the 1/4 circles are out at the corners?

Pearl, of course, thinks it’s just fine the way it is.  She loves Alex, too.

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  1. that is a fabulous quilt!
    I love that picture of Pearl with her tounge sticking out! so cute!

    April 24, 2012
  2. Stars approves my quilts too! THis one is lovely–might just have to make one up myself!

    April 24, 2012

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