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So easily distracted

Celebrating progress is a dangerous thing.

I’ve been steadily moving projects up the list from Queued to Piece to Quilt to Bind to Finished (yes, I have a list for each) The goal is to have most of the quilts either queued or finished, with no more than a couple in the steps in between.  By the end of the year. (And yes, THIS year.)

So this week when I moved some big stuff up the list, I started feeling quite accomplished.

This is not good. This is the place where trouble finds me.

For instance, while doing some light sorting and cleaning, I found this lovely little stack of 5″ squares, leftovers from my picnic quilt.  All it needed was a few more red blocks, and a pile of Kona Snow blocks, and I had  everything I needed for a disappearing 9-patch baby blanket.

Twenty minutes later this is where I was at ~ in deep. On a project that didn’t even exist (not on ANY of my lists) just a little earlier.  Reason told me to gather it all up, put it in a bag for later and finish sewing the binding on Ben’s quilt.

It doesn’t help that sewing 9-patches is the quilting equivalent of dopamine for me, but for now it’s one more for the project bin. Focus, Sandie. Focus.

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  1. haha, I find those kind of new projects very hard to resist because I already own the fabric, and using what I already have (especially the leftovers) makes me feel so thirifty & pleased with myself. Its not until the euphoria wears off that I see it for the add-on to my WIP list that it is 🙂

    April 19, 2012
    • Exactly! As if the thing I needed to make most in the world *at that very moment* was THAT baby quilt. Thank goodness there’s no 12-step program for quilters.

      April 20, 2012

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