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Doing a little catching up ~

After a flurry of activity last month, it’s been kind of quiet here in February. Part of it was a business trip last week, and a lot of not-yet-photogenic knitting, but mostly it’s been another relapse of the respiratory creepy crud. Another trip to the doctor, but I’m a bit more optimistic we’re on the right track. After 3 months of it, optimism is a good sign.  Or maybe it’s just all the meds I’ve been huffing.

I did get the back pieced for Ben’s quilt so it’s ready to load. Wrestling 8 yards of fabric. Not my favorite part of quilting (why aren’t there great wide fabrics?), but it’s one step closer to a finished quilt. And I think I have a quilting plan. I hope.

The never-ending border on Sothia is down to the last couple rows.  I’m already thinking “that wasn’t so bad”, which of course it was.  Not bad, actually, just a lot of garter stitch and stockinette by the end. My next project will be lace. And worsted.  On size 8 or 9’s. Much faster, even if I get lost on the charts. Which I do, frequently.

(I love Sothia, by the way. I was just grumbling.)

So with all that going on, I’m plotting and planning for this weekend’s quilt retreat. Charging my camera battery. Packing the Starbucks VIA.

And ordering more fabric. Let’s hope these meds really work!!

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