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Friday Favorites 1-28-12

Friday Favorites 1-28-12 by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio)
Friday Favorites 1-28-12, a photo by Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio) on Flickr.

With all the lovelies this week, I had to add an extra row. I’m so happy that “tangerine” is getting it’s due this year!

1. Quilting neptune, 2. rubystarrisingbag5, 3. Kitchen Aid, 4. December Do. Good Stitches, 5. Stacked!, 6. Lil Twister Mini Quilt, 7. Tangerine Slices Mini Quilt, 8. Tea Pot and Cup, 9. Shattered, 10. rose and star, 11. Innocent Crush Star Quilt, 12. Quilting. Interior of Scrappy tote.

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  1. I am very behind on reading blogs, and so I am finally noticing that you included Shattered in this lovely mosaic. Thank you.

    February 5, 2012

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