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Addie’s Apron ~

Do you need a quick and easy child’s project? I knew my niece Addie was getting a kitchen for Christmas from her Grandpa and Grandma. So when her 4th birthday rolled around a week later, I thought I would start training her early on the benefits of cooking in style with aprons.

I love them. I’d have one for every season and occasion if I had space to store them. Instead, I just have one very chic black apron that describes the wine regions…..of my house! I wear it constantly.

I’ve made the Montessori Apron pattern before. It’s adorable, practical and simple. Really simple. You make the neck strap (with elastic inside)  and the waste strap (with velcro on the end) and then stitch the front and lining together with the straps sandwiched in between. Turn, topstitch, add the other half of the velcro and ….. and nothing ~ you’re done!

I picked three prints I adore and in no time it was finished and ready to wrap. And the best part of all? (Besides seeing her and Bodhi, of course!) It’ll look so cute with her sassy red kitchen.

There’s some major auntie-jealousy going on here, I gotta tell you!

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  1. wow what can I say abut that retro kitchen! Isn’t it fab. Apron will match perfectly

    January 10, 2012

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