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Back to the real world I go ~

Going back on Tuesday was brutal. There’s the only-at-the-beginning-of-the-year stuff I forget needs to be done until it’s the-beginning-of-the-year, all the routine work, plus a sick hubby and me feeling only a little better. Naps, cold medicine, simple suppers got us to the weekend.

And knitting. Lots of knitting. I’m about 3/4 done with Morgain.  It’s in the easy, cruising along section now. Long rows, but mostly knits with just couple YOs and one SSSK per repeat. Even in my foggy state, I can handle it.  You know you’re a knitter when you’re happy about being down to the last 25,000 stitches on a project.

Project Sourdough is coming along nicely, too.  Getting all the tools and tricks worked out. Taking care of the starter is easy, and occasionally even kinda exciting. Some days it’s incredibly active after feeding ~ picture “The Blob” taking over the container and a good part of the counter. And I would never have guessed how important a big spray bottle of water is to the process. Critical, really.

And along the way, I’ve been planning and scheming the mischief in store for Sleepy Owl Studio this year.  More (much more) machine quilting, some serious stash-busting projects, and several tutorials are on the short list.  Friday Favorites are a sure thing, as is The Farmer’s Wife QAL. Virtual quilting bees are out for now, more quilt and quilting design work is in.

I’m so glad I did the Post A Day challenge in 2011. Every day? Nope, but 240 posts, mostly about my fiber adventures, was a great experience.  And from where I’m standing right now, an experience I’m not in any hurry to repeat. I’m hoping that fewer posts will equal more projects to post about.

Hope is good.

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