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The ONLY WIP post this year ~ I promise!!

Love them or hate them, there’s something to be said for resolutions. I enjoy the process of thinking about what I want to change or improve. Of writing it down and making it real and specific. Of creating a plan to actually do it. This year, I only have one that really matters here:

No more WIP confessions in 2012. If I’m bored with them, I can only imagine what it’s like for anyone reading this. No WIP Wednesdays, no lists, no challenges to finish. None. In fact, the only reason I’m even sharing this resolution is so you won’t be fooled into thinking I’m Super Quilter when (very soon) projects start rolling out finished.

I’m not. They were mostly done already:

  • One binding to finish.
  • Six tops that (just) need to be quilted.
  • Four (or is it five?) that are at least half pieced.
  • A couple that I may not like enough to finish.

That’s it. Not ALL of it, but the part that’s making me crazy.

And when it’s done? THEN I get to cut into that stack of fabric to make a new quilt for our bed.  Motivation? You bet!

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