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Day 13 ~ Solstice Block

If you missed yesterday’s post for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, scoot over here for all the details.

I love Ice House. I wanted to smack a certain designer upside the head when I saw it, but I love this block. Why the reaction then? Turns out medium to light blue is seriously under-represented in my batik stash. I pulled out what I had and walked around it for a couple days. In the end I chose soft aqua rather than ice blue.

I did enjoy a glass of hard cider while sewing this little gem. And I do feel bad about wanting to hit Scott.

Now it’s back to the waiting game to see what he comes up with next. In the mean time, stop by GenQ magazine and grab this pattern. It’s very cool (ha!)

Day 13 of the month-long Make Merry @ Sleepy Owl Studio challenge is done. All the posts for this month can be found here, along with links if you’d like to join along.

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  1. ha! I just read this!! I think I did have a headache last week…..was that you?? I love what you did with your version…..

    December 17, 2011
    • Maybe. Or maybe Cabana Boy needs a new pair of shades?

      December 18, 2011

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