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Making Merry @ Sleepy Owl Studio

December. There’s no other month more prescribed and scheduled for me.

Every year we seem to give fewer gifts, so the shopping list is simple.   My decorations are planned out and (generally) organized in labeled bins. They come out the beginning of December (along with the Christmas music), the tree goes up the middle of the month, the meal planning, grocery shopping and final cleaning the 3rd week. Christmas morning is homemade cinnamon rolls and time with the kids, followed by dinner for 30+.  A few days lazing around eating leftovers (or pizza delivered when the leftovers get boring), and then it’s pack up, clean up and check the box.

In between there will be time with friends, or an evening out to see the lights or the latest holiday movie. I might squeeze in a few handmade gifts, or do a bit of baking.

You’ll have to trust me that the holidays for our family are warm and loving and full of laughter. Because on paper it seems a little thin on spirit.

This year I’d like to bring it up just a bit. Nothing huge, time consuming or expensive. Just a little something every day in December.  A little more baking, or a new ornament.  A festive event, or a holiday beverage recipe (adult or otherwise). Even a simple handmade gift or two (as long as it’s not a secret).  Anything, really, that makes the holiday special. Yes, every day in December.

So starting on Thursday, I’ll Make Merry:

I’d love to have you come along, share ideas and inspiration,  links to your blog posts, or just tell me you’re enjoying a cookie and a cup of tea and relishing in the season.  There’s even a Flickr group coming to share your photos. I can promise my cookies won’t look as good as they’ll taste, and I can’t promise the furry girls won’t end up with reindeer antlers a la Max. Beyond that, most anything can happen.

Now I just need to get the decorations out of the shed.

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  1. sounds like fun! 🙂

    November 28, 2011

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