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Sunday Stitches 11-27-11

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend ~ I know we have. Thursday was a quiet day, but Friday we hosted 35 family and dear friends. As always, there was an over-abundance of food along with lots of love and laughter. We twisted the menu just a bit – more fiesta than tradional turkey dinner, both because so many had it the day before, and because I’m not quite over our trip to Cabo yet.

It took about 1/2 of Saturday to finish cleaning, handwashing and putting away things like roaster ovens and buffet plates and every wineglass in the house. But it’s done now (and ready to do it again in a month).

The other half of Saturday I spent knitting on Kleio. It’s still in the puddle stage, so it’s hard to see the progress, but I’m getting there.

The braids made me a little crazy (and I still have one more to go), but other than that it’s been a very relaxing knit.

And this afternoon? Completely Mindless Piecing™.  I have several ideas sketched out for this project, but I’m not making any decisions until all the strips are together.

Hundreds of strips. Which makes me ridiculously happy. Go figure!

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