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Failed resolve. Again.

And another weekend flies by.

Friday I left work early and met friends at a small sewing and crafting expo.  Not much damage done, although I couldn’t resist a few of Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising fat quarters. I think the teacups will end up a new cover for my Kindle and the transistor radios and view-master slides a new tote. Soon.

And then there were the Bird Brain Designs embroidery patterns. Terrible picture, but one is snowmen and the other Santas. Adorable – and there’s not a chance in you-know-where they’ll be done by Christmas.

I also picked up a handful of miscellaneous size invisible zippers from a 2/$1 bin, and a stitching guide for using my Fasturn set. All in all, I felt like I did really well in the “don’t even think about more projects” department.  I really wanted a tree skirt kit from The Quilting Loft (40% off) and a Lil’ Twister tool, but I resisted.

Until we went to The Wild Rose. With their 30% off holiday prints and precuts. Dammit. A charm pack of Kate Spain’s Flurry, a couple yards of two different prints plus Moda Bella in white, and the Lil’ Twister tool. Double-dammit.

By the time we hit the sewing studio on Saturday morning, I had a plan. I kept Sheron’s design wall occupied for several hours while I cut and sewed a hundred or so 5″ squares together.  The next step will be to cut it all apart (this time using the Lil’ Twister tool) and then sew it together AGAIN. Makes sense if you’re a quilter. Trust me.

I also started Capistrano on Friday evening.  What a fun, quick knit! I would definitely suggest following her sidebar instructions on how to make it with more drape (using graduated needle sizes).  It looked like the photo below on Sunday morning, but it’s about twice this length and nearly finished now.

So there you have it. A strong start, a major fail somewhere in the middle, and a strong finish.  Plus a longer project list. So much for my resolve.

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