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In case you were wondering….

I’m still here this week. Sort of.

Work has been…..well, work. Audit week. Today started with me blowing an entire triple grande Starbucks latte across my desk. Need I say more?

Numbing exhaustion hasn’t prevented me from working on Kleio.  Except I used up the rest of the first skein last night and I’m waiting for the new one to arrive.  I started on a new pair of mitts: Crazy Rib. I’m quickly getting the rhythm of the stitch pattern. So quickly, in fact, that I realized this morning that the variegated yarn I’m using (while beautiful), is going to hide the design.

Frog and start over.  I’m sure I must have something in my stash that will work!

Since my quilting WIP is completely out of control, I’ve been trying to manage my knitting a bit better. Only a couple things actually ON the needles (although I do have more than a bit of weaving and blocking to do!). But then Sunday Ashlee wound yarn for me (sweet child of mine). So unless the yarn for Kleio arrives in the next couple days, Capistrano (by Laura Patterson) may sneak in.

Instead of blue, I have this amazing Blue Sky Alpaca Sport in Petal Pink. Just right for wearing with my brown coat, yes?

Wrapped up in scarves and mitts, I didn’t grumble a bit about scraping car windows this week. What I might grumble about is realizing I left the charger and spare battery for my camera neatly plugged in at the resort in Cabo.

But like the latte, I’m just laughing it off. Easy to do with pointy sticks in hand.

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