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Back to (my) reality ~

Best vacation EV-ER.

Back to real life, which isn’t bad ~ just cool and grey (and sober) by comparison. From piles of damp beach towels to piles of wet leaves in a flash.

Last night was more laundry – any bets on how long it’ll take a bathing suit to hang dry?

On the other hand, it’s cool enough to wear hand knits.  And boots with leggings. So I’m adapting.

Last night I finished binding off Daybreak for Diana, so I’ll get it blocked and then it’s on to Kleio. Yes, Kleio was suppose to be my 2nd vacation project, but apparently slushy fruity adult beverages get in the way of production knitting. Who knew?

This Saturday is a SMQG sew-in, and it’s showtime for our Habitat challenge projects. Which gives me the next 3 evenings to get it quilted and bound (insert visual of me banging my head against the wall).

But first I need to pull Jeremy’s quilt off the frame. I was really unhappy with how it loaded and I need to rotate it or I’ll be even more unhappy when I try to quilt it.  I’ve been walking around it for weeks, knowing it wasn’t going to work.

It frequently takes me a long time to process a problem, and then only a second to decide on a solution.  What a goof!

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  1. I know what you mean about being slow processing problems, then fast solutions. It makes me feel stupid when I look back. “Why didn’t this come instantly? It’s obvious!” Hate that. But it doesn’t seem to be something I can change, so I’d better learn to live with it. Even this conclusion, has taken way to long to arrive. Cripes!

    November 26, 2011

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