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For about 3 hours yesterday, I sat on the beach. A little reading, a little knitting, more than a little napping. I’d share a photo, but I’d left the camera in our rooms. And by rooms, I mean the penthouse. With a roof deck. Crazy beautiful, and plenty of room for everybody.

There has been much pool-side mayhem, and more to come. I didn’t get photos yesterday (and I’m sure there were only a few I could have shared anyway!), but we’re headed into San Jose del Cabo this afternoon for a bit of shopping and there’s sure to be lots of photos taken in old town.

And the knitting? I’m working on Daybreak for Diana. It’s a fun knit, and so perfect for her ~ it’ll keep her warm on UW game days.  It has just enough stuff going on to keep it from being repetitive to knit, but not so much I can’t do it after a fruity drink (or two).

It was a perfect sunrise this morning, and it matched Diana’s scarf. How cool is that?

The guys are off fishing today. The restaurant here at the resort will cook it for us for $8 per person (including baked potato & veggies). And I’ve yet to have a fish taco, which I could actually live on. So there’s no pressure on the guys, right?

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  1. Grace #

    Glad you’re having fun! Soak up some sunshine for us PNW’ers!

    October 31, 2011

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