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Tea Towels

What is it about tea towels?

I have a vintage set passed to me from my mom. I don’t use them because they’re so special.

I have a set I made using a machine embroidery design. I don’t use them because they’re so white.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s.  By then, the tea towels in my world, what few there were, could be found in the dust rag bin (always smelling faintly of lemon polish), long replaced with terrycloth kitchen towels.

Only the ghostly traces of embroidery remained.

A few years ago, I banished the terry towels to the bathroom and started buying woven cotton towels for the kitchen.  The result of a trip to Crate & Barrel, or perhaps Williams-Sonoma, lured in by the lovely warm colors and prints just begging to be hanging from  my oven door.

So it began. The search for the perfect towel. Absorbent, lint-free, fast-drying and stain-reistant. Because in our increasing green-conscious  world, where luxuries like paper towels are quickly losing appeal, a really good kitchen towel is a more than a necessity. It’s an investment in future generations (cue the dramatic music).

Or just another one of my obsessions. I’ll let you know if I ever get it completely right.

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