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I hate to bring this up, but……

It was dark when I drove to work this morning. It has been for over a week.

A bit of rain and I start laying in supplies for soups and stews and all manner of comfort food. The knitting changes from lacy shawls to warm wraps and socks and mitts, the sewing from crafty projects to blankets and holiday decorations and gifts.


Inspiration for "The Coffee Addict"

 1. Flour, Coffee, Tea, 2. Linen & Red French Press Cozy, 3. new Seahorse coffee sleeve, 4. craft apron in action, 5. Nesting Baskets, 6. Tea Cozy – front (2010 UFO #3)

I hate to even point this out, but remember my 11-month project to make gifts? A different theme every month. All kinds of ideas, both mine and others. Yes, well……I made it all the way through January. Seriously lame. I did update the themes and the lists periodically this year, but my gift making took a back seat to other things like bee blocks, swaps, quilts and knitting.

Surprise, surprise. Here I am, once again, with more ideas than time. I get a bit of a break this year with this crazy family trip (put the emphasis wherever you like) we have coming up in a few weeks.  I suspect pledging to bury the photographic evidence (or at least keep it off Facebook), will be gift enough.

All this is a round-about way of saying I haven’t given up on the project.  I think it’s a treasure trove of gift ideas. For 2012.

PS: I’m in the process of updating the page again. If you’ve tried any of the projects, or have ideas to add, let me know. I’m contemplating a Flickr group and possibly a sew-a-long if there’s enough interest.

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