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Sunday Stitches

Sewing hasn’t held much interest for me lately. No interest, in fact. And by “lately” I mean the past couple months. It happens sometimes, but after the mania of the past couple years it seemed especially strange. I could blame it on the weather, or wanting to clean, or enjoying my knitting. But since sewing and quilting occupies a huge part of my heart (and home), it’s hard to ignore.

Yesterday was a SMQG sew-in. I couldn’t decide what to bring. I pulled out several projects, and then put them back. I must have changed my mind a dozen times. Nothing called to me, gave me that little “zing” when I touched it. Finally I just grabbed a bag from my project basket and headed out the door.

It was a good choice. Completely mindless. Scraps that were already cut in squares and strips. Large pieces that went together quickly. And as I pieced, I could feel the rhythm and rightness starting to come back. Just starting, but that’s okay. Good things take time.

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  1. love the blocks!

    September 20, 2011

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