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Productive? Yep. Creative? Not so much.

Cleaning, reading & knitting. Repeat. That’s what’s been happening while I wasn’t blogging.

I cleaned my sewing room last weekend, and while that usually means I’m free to make a new mess,  it’s been nice to relax with knitting or reading. After a bit of a knitting marathon, I finished Semele this week so today I blocked both Semele and the Summer Mystery Shawlette.

Now I’m back to working on the Vintage Velvet scarf, so I can start on Lazy Katy early next week.  A friend was destashing, so there’s a skein of Wollmeise headed my way (stalking the postman again). My very first WM, by the way.  Perfect for Lazy Katy.

I also cleaned up around my HQ16 this week. Re-arranged the furniture a bit, and did some organizing. I bought 6 storage bins, and got all my large batting scraps sorted. I was dismayed to end up with 4 full or nearly full boxes. One box of black, one of white, and two of ivory (one of just Hobbs 80/20, and the other a mix). That’s not counting the 2 bins of small pieces in my sewing room. I’m not a fan of stacks of bins, so it’s good motivation to get back to the quilting.

The other motivation is this stack of fabric from Drygoods Design Online. Keli is having a crazy sale through Monday. I place my order first thing Friday morning, and today the mailman brought me 6lbs (I only know because Keli warned me) of loveliness.

I’ll share more pictures this week, once I pair it up with my last purchase from this wonderful resource.

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  1. Mary Lou Finch #

    I already did the Vintage Velvet Scarf, I can’t believe I did something before you!!

    September 3, 2011
    • Cool! What color did you use?

      September 4, 2011
  2. Lazy Katy? I bought too. She has amazing fabric. Polished off my stash of AMH folksy flannels too on sale.

    September 4, 2011
    • I was actually referring to a shawl pattern (should have included the link, sorry), but now you have to tell me more. Is she on etsy or ?

      September 5, 2011

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