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Sunday Stitches (aka – The Week in Review)

The creative madness has continued uninterrupted all week. I just haven’t blogged about it.

Mostly because I’ve had errands every day after work, I’ve been lax about taking pictures, and my sewing room is a furnace at the end of the day.  Apparently I don’t feel very bloggy when my brain is boiling. (Ashlee’s laughing right now – it was her bedroom for years.)

  • Monday was setting up the pantograph and starting the stitching on Pic-a-nic Basket.
  • Tuesday was spinning. 
  • Wednesday I quilted half before I ran out of energy. Or patience, it might have been patience.  ‘Cause it usually takes more than two little “oops” to make me throw in the towel.
  • Thursday I worked on Semele.  I’ve made it past the halfway point, so now it’s getting narrower (and picking up speed). Exciting!
  • Friday? Friday was extra-special.  Meeting friends (including a new friend) for dinner, followed by a sew-in where all I did was knit and visit. Exactly what I needed.

Yesterday I finished the quilting, and got the binding on. Another quilt that’s not the easiest to photograph, but it’s fun and happy. Just the handwork and a trip through the washing machine and it’ll be ready for a picnic (or a rod run).

Speaking of rod runs…..there’s hope on the horizon that I won’t be a hot rod widow much longer. The lovely, fickle, money-sucking wench that is our 40 Ford Coupe is incredibly close to being an automobile again. All will be forgiven once I see Jon driving her.

PS: I’ve decided blogging every day is wearing me down. So I’m going to try 4 days a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) through the end of September and see how that works. Better for me, and I hope better for my blog content.

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  1. Ashlee #

    You’re right, I am laughing at you. Ugh…that room was pure torture on hot days. Should have snagged Tim’s old room when you had the chance. 😉

    August 21, 2011

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