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Feeling a little smug here ~

Two quilt tops finished in two days. Yes, my back is cramped and my eyes are blurry, but still.

While I was working on Jeremy’s quilt, I was puzzling over what to do to finish my picnic quilt.

If you read my earlier posts,  you know I was going great guns and then ran into some problems.

I finished the 2nd round (24 pinwheel blocks),  and wasn’t sure I liked it. Adding to the problem, I didn’t have enough of the blue stripe for another round, I wasn’t keen on pieced blocks against pieced blocks, and I was on the fence about how big I wanted it to be (96″ square was the original plan).  I even contemplated taking it all apart, but with no plan on how to fix it I moved on to another project (or 5).

What I didn’t do was shove it in a pile and walk away. Instead, I hung it on my design wall and walked past it. Constantly.  Looked at it. Ignored it. Discussed it with Ashlee (she’s my sounding board, poor child). Stared at it while drinking coffee in the morning.  Avoided it while drinking wine in the evening.  Lived with it.

On Monday I made up my mind.  One more round of pieced blocks.  And while I keep hearing Yogi and Boo Boo in my head (another problem entirely, granted),  I decided on  simple basketweave blocks.

And now it has a name: “Pic-a-nic Basket”.  Silly, but it makes me smile. Which is what a picnic quilt should do, right?

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  1. Me #

    Hey Hey Hey BooBoo! I like it.

    August 11, 2011

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