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Pretty pouches

On Sunday I dove into my scrap jars again and made 5 more scrap strips, for a total of 13. Why 13? No reason except that’s how many foundation fabrics I cut at the beginning of this little project. Silly me.

The only problem with making so many is that the bigger the stack got, the more I wondered if using them for the inserts on zipper pouches was the right thing to do. I could see a quilt coming together so easily. Luckily, what I couldn’t easily see was a layout that worked with the strip sets being monochromatic. I knew I could figured out something, and that’s when I decided to start making pouches or this was going to get out of control.

This first one is a bit of an experiment on stabilizers. I bought Pellon Thermolam (fusible fleece), Pellon 808 Craft Fuse and canvas-weight muslin a couple weeks ago. The Craft Fuse is too rigid for this project (and it will hold a crease – good for shaping but not for a pouch). I started with a medium-weight fusible stabilizer on the outside pieces, followed by the Thermolam.

I added tabs to the end of the zipper. I like the finished look of it, plus I can trim the zipper tape and have less bulk in the side seam.

Rather than sewing the lining separately, I serged all the layers together using a 4-thread stitch. On the next pouch, I think I’ll be happier with the results if I straight stitch the seams and then finish with a 3-thread narrow stitch.

I did prove the fundemental truism of sewing zippered bags: they really are remarkable difficult to open from the inside.  Uh-huh. I forgot to open it. Probably won’t do that again (for a while, anyway).

Other than a couple adjustments I’ll make for the rest of the pouches, I’m happy with how it came out. And just think: by #13 I’ll be an expert!

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  1. lovely lovely lovely, and I’ve done that before…once.

    July 22, 2011

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