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Hey, it happens!

I’ve hit the wall when it comes to the picnic quilt. Not the end of the world, just a little exasperating. I finished the pinwheels last night, and by late this morning had the next round in place. It’s cute. Just. Cute.

Just not as terrific as I hoped.

I’m not crushed, but I am in a bit of a dilemna. It’s 64″ square right now. Too small (although 96″ is completely out of the question). So one more round, which will take it to 80″. Good enough.

  1. Problem 1: I’m not sure I want another pieced round, but I don’t have enough of the blue stripe to do another round of it. (and no, I don’t see this as a shopping opportunity!)
  2. Problem 2: I have no intention of making 32 Jacob’s Ladder  blocks.
  3. Problem 3 (more of an opportunity): I have about 70 – 5″ squares in reds, blues and yellows, that I already cut. Might be nice to use them up, although if I don’t I can sub-cut and add them to the stack for the guild swap.

Luckily, Ashlee’s coming over this afternoon to do some sewing with me, so I’ll put this aside and let it marinate a bit. No worries!

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  1. Girlfriend… I’m loving it.
    What I know about quilting you could put in a tiny thimble. Letting it rest is always a help I think.
    Like I say, I love it and can’t wait to see what you come up with. At least you are quilting. All I’m doing is reading blogs about quilting.
    I’m a big chicken to get started on another quilt. I DID buy the circle die for my AccuQuilt Go! and want to do something with circles. bawk–bawk. (That’s my chicken song.)

    Take care and I look forward to seeing what you do.


    July 17, 2011
    • Aw, thanks! It’s certainly cheery.

      You chose circles? No wonder you’re nervous. I would be, too. 😉 Do you love your AccuQuilt? I’ve only recently been tempted to get one, and really only because of a handful of the designs.

      Thanks for visiting!

      July 17, 2011

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