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Hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!

Since Saturday, there has been lots of family, fun, food and relaxing. There has also been stitching and knitting (and perhaps some stash enhancement soon – it doesn’t count when you’re on vacation, right?) but only as time (and relative sobriety) permit.

We arrived late Friday night (okay, early Saturday morning) and despite being certain I had forgotten something, and equally certain it wouldn’t matter, I can’t think of anything we’ve needed. Except a 2nd bathroom on occasion.


What did I bring to work on?  Two  quilts that need binding sewn, the Summer Mystery Shawlette, Semele, fabric for a couple Farmer’s Wife blocks AND my picnic quilt.  So yes, a ridiculous number of projects. And after 4 days, the shawlette is finished, as is one quilt binding. The 2nd binding is about half done, and Semele is going great (I’ll share pictures tomorrow).

I couldn’t wait any longer to cut into Picnic & Fairgrounds, and I couldn’t talk myself into spending vacation time only working on WIP.  So tomorrow, when my folding table is no longer needed as a banquet table, I get to start working on it. I did realize, sitting by the lake this evening, that I forgot to bring Kona Snow for the background of the pinwheel and jacob’s ladder blocks, so I’ll be forced to make a run to the quilt shop in the morning.

Sure hope I don’t get lost on the way home and end up at the yarn shop, too!




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