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Ever feel like you’re driving with one wheel in the ditch?

That’s me the last couple weeks. Still moving forward, but dragging just a bit. Little projects are about my speed right now.  Or small parts of big projects. Maybe it’s just a good time to get out and walk for a bit?

Saturday was a sweet mail day. I ordered this little set of FQs (above) from Cathy at Wonderous Woven Fabrics. I love them, and they’re going straight into the project box for my Farmer’s Wife blocks. Also in the package were 1 yd cuts of 3 different Moda Crossweaves. Seriously, these are some lovely fabrics. I doubt they’ll be in my stash for long, but that’s okay because I know where to get more. Thanks, Cathy!

Moda Crossweaves

I’m starting to stack up a few projects for vacation time. Knitting, of course, but also some embroidery and a quilt binding or two. I always bring too much, but I’m fairly certain the earth will implode if I run out of things to do.  I’m just not willing to risk it.

Friday night on my way to the SMQG sew-in, I stopped at the Fiber Gallery and picked up a couple skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (she says casually, but actually she snatched it from a shelf and cackled wildly). The color is Filigree, which doesn’t begin to describe the delicious olive green and coppery tones, with just a touch of teal highlights. It’s crazy beautiful.

Photo from Jimmy Beans Wool

I’m using it for Semele, and it’s taking every bit of self-control to wait until I finish the Summer Mystery Shawlette (now going quite smoothly, thank goodness!) to cast on.

Adding to the excitement is my new knitting bag. It’s too cute for words. Check out Kristen’s bags at Silver’s Shop by ComeToSilver on Etsy.

And you know what? Just looking at this post makes me feel a bit better. Until tomorrow, Happy Trails!!

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  1. Laurel #

    Your new yarn *is* crazy beautiful, and will look absolutely beautiful with your hair and skin! I really like the crossweaves too—and Oh My! The cowgirls are awesome, keeping a watchful eye on your knitting.

    June 27, 2011
  2. I came over to say, ‘yes, I feel like I’m driving with one wheel in the ditch all the time lately,’ and was tickled to see you mentioned my little shop! I’m glad you got the package okay!

    I wish I had been able to go to the SMQG sew-in Friday, but I just had too much to do–I had to finish a quilt, but didn’t want to drive through traffic to get started on my sewing!

    I love the yarn–it’s gorgeous!!

    June 27, 2011
    • I brought Ara Jane’s quilt on Friday so I could finish the binding. If I’d had to load up my machine and supplies I’m not sure I could have done it ~ it was a long week! We should have more sew-in dates soon, so hopefully I’ll see you in July.

      June 28, 2011

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