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Sunday Stitches

Busy, busy weekend. Beautiful weather, time with family and friends, and a great reminder of the challenges and triumphs of truly amazing athletes. If you’re every privileged enough to have the opportunity to volunteer for a Special Olympics event, you’ll be glad you did!

What’s up this week?

  • I’m finishing a tutorial of Nicole’s “Charming Placemats” for tomorrow’s post.
  • Orange Crush is just an evening away from being finished (the top, anyway).
  • Ara Jane’s beautiful baby quilt is going on the frame so it’ll be finished in time for next Saturday’s SMQG sew-in. Melissa assembled the quilt, and added something extra-special, but you’ll have to wait until AraJane sees it before I share!

  • The Summer Mystery Shawlette is picking up speed (the rows get shorter as it’s knit) and I’m getting less nervous about having enough yarn. I did make a huge “oops” (huge) that I’ll share, but I’m going to keep going for now and see how it works out. Luckily, I have a sense of humor when it comes to my knitting.
  • I have a couple bee blocks and a trip to the post office in there somewhere, too.

What’s your week have in store?



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